Placing Desk in Headquarters not checking off

Just like the title says, I just got my head quarters and I got the desk, computer and chair and it is not checking off that i completed it. I have a gaming chair, could that be why?

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That was a bug in Beta 9, but it was fixed in the Early Access release. It might be an issue still, though. The other potential issue is that the chair has to be clicked all the way under the desk until it touches the placement cube under the desk. If you don’t push it in far enough, it won’t register.

One of those two things should fix it. But if not, we’ll dig deeper!

The game does not recognize a gaming chair, you have to take an office chair.
I had the same problem, I even started all over again, then I figured out what it was all about

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After talking to the devs, it looks like the bug still remains and should hopefully be fixed in the future!

Hi! It will be fixed in the next patch (build 1709), thank you for the report!