Pets / Pet Store

No need to explain it that much.

Who don’t want to pat our pets just after coming back from work ?

Big Ambitions needs pets ! :heart_decoration: :panda_face: :duck:


Maybe there can also be a pet store as a possible business type to support this feature.


pet store cats fishes doges and there needs too foods,toys etc…
also the city should have some pets like dogs walking with their owner and for cats walking around the park or the streets and fishes in lakes the player could also have a dog for himself or a cat and a fishbowl also fishbowl could be as a decoration in some stores.

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Allow us to sell little animals like fish/hamsters/lizards and also you could sell their food/ cat food/ dog food/ cat little etc. Would be a great store with lots of potential for items you could implement to sell. Also you could have cool little animations for fish tanks that could be bought for businesses/apartments.