Pets / Pet Store / Vet

No need to explain it that much.

Who don’t want to pat our pets just after coming back from work ?

Big Ambitions needs pets ! :heart_decoration: :panda_face: :duck:


Maybe there can also be a pet store as a possible business type to support this feature.


pet store cats fishes doges and there needs too foods,toys etc…
also the city should have some pets like dogs walking with their owner and for cats walking around the park or the streets and fishes in lakes the player could also have a dog for himself or a cat and a fishbowl also fishbowl could be as a decoration in some stores.

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Allow us to sell little animals like fish/hamsters/lizards and also you could sell their food/ cat food/ dog food/ cat little etc. Would be a great store with lots of potential for items you could implement to sell. Also you could have cool little animations for fish tanks that could be bought for businesses/apartments.


There is all sorts of things that are inside a tropical fish store like fish food fish tanks and ya Fish.


I like it


Here you can buy terrarium animals and aquariums. Possibly also rabbits around hamsters. Plus pet accessories and pet food. If you offer animals, you would also have to ensure that an employee is there to feed them at least once a day. (Can perhaps be deducted from your own goods)

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The ability to create a pet shop and have aquarium furniture you can showcase, the items can be different genre of fish, like real life it’s expensive to start up salt water cost more then fresh, you can sell bird dogs cats with the ability to make sure there welfare is looked after, different type of display for dogs? Employees feed and care for the animals and clean the tanks using another item like the cleaning stand?

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I like this idea, the idea of pets almost more than anything else. A dog or a cat that can be pet is the best part of any game, so I would love to see this at some point. Would also allow for additional businesses (vet clinic, animal shelter etc.) while being just generally cute.

This would be awesome!

You could also make very specialised stores.
For example a store that only sells fish or reptiles.Or a store tha only focuses on dogs or only on pet food (like a grocery store for humans) Al the specialised stores listed above are also store types in real live

Pets are not to be sold, but adopted.

I would support this idea (Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits)

  • Interest: Adds pet care dimension, enhancing the role of pets.
  • Equipment: Examination tables, medical tools, waiting area.
  • Services: Health check-ups, treatments, and emergency services for pets.

also the ability to own a pet would be cool. you have to take care of their needs as well.

or an adoption center :heart_eyes: