Overlays extremely slow to close/open

I am currently using build 153.

I am currently at the task to get a loan. Once I got to the bank, it was closed, so I clicked to open it in Bizman, saw the hours, pressed ESC, and then everything became very blurry, with most of the bizman’s interface still visible. I did not think of taking a screenshot at that point.

The screen started clearing up slowly, as if the transition effect that is in place was stretched over 30+ seconds. I tried click on the bank, but couldn’t, as the cut-away view was not yet re-enabled, and so I was clicking on the building across the street (I suspect this is due to the fact the Bizman interface wasn’t completely close yet.

I managed to get into the bank even with how blurry things were, talked to the banker, and as you can see in the screenshot, you can barely see his text. The dialog box to enter the loan amount is not even visible. I couldn’t get out of the chair anymore. ESC did nothing, clicking around either. Had to close the game completely.

Hi @aidyn89, thanks for the report.
It’s a known issue that has happened a few times already but is very hard to reproduce: BizMan blurry and follow-up issues · Issue #356 · hovgaardgames/bigambitions-public · GitHub
As you experienced, the only way to solve it is to quite the game completely and restart it.
The bug does not persist in your savegame so if you manage to save the game, then quit, restart and load the savegame everything will be good.

Closing the bug since it didn’t occur again for quite a while. Please report again in case it still happens.