Overhaul interior design system

First of all, great game! It almost feels insulting to offer a suggestion but I will do so anyway:

There are only 2 things in the game that can become tedious: Training staff and sourcing appliances to start a business. I would like to offer a solution to both.

You should be able to click(hold) and drag to select multiple staff members at the same time easily. There should be an option to train a staff member to max training with 1 click at a highly inflated cost.

Sourcing appliances
Designing the layout of the business is one of the best aspects of this game. But the way it functions is honestly the most brutal part of the game. I would suggest a dramatic change to designer mode. If you have a furniture/appliance menu that is populated by items from which you have unlocked by speaking to managers of the required stores, it would eliminate this problem. If you make it so designer mode is only accessible when the business is closed staff wouldn’t be an issue when moving desks. For reference I would suggest something similar to The Sims when you open designer mode. You could could close the business for an amount of time depending on costs, while contractors complete the work. This would add realism to the Designer mode rather then something you pop in and out of. I would suggest the whole process is handled through BizMan. If you visit the business during construction you will see contractor vehicles parked out side with signage and would be denied access to the building.

As of now I am about to make a clothing store in Mid Town that has all 8 categories. Its a 75 store so its 8 racks per item for a total of 64 racks. That is 4 deliveries. 16 trips with a dolly and and ungodly amount of time unpacking and that’s JUST the clothing racks.

My suggestion is a big change but the current system of sourcing appliances is B R U T A L.

Great game so far with massive potential.

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YES!!! This idea of a layout system would be perfect! The time its takes to manually haul boxes and unboxing them is really not fun when starting the 5th store and onwards, its actually a gamebreaker for me unfortnuatly. I would rather pay a contractor to do that job based on my design.
Please make this idea a reallity :smile: