Out of the garage

This is not exactly a bug, but it is very annoying when we go out of the garage and the cars just hit our truck we are stuck in a mess crossed by cars on both sides, this also happens in the underground parking lots of the apartments, in the apartments it arrives to be worse, if we save the game inside the parking lot and exit the game, when we come back sometimes our car appears on top of the other and getting out is very difficult and damages the car, not to mention that the entrance is ridiculously small.

Is this still happening? This used to happen in EA 0.1, but that should be fixed at this point now.

I never stopped in the garage again, I was so angry that it happened five times.
After the update, I no longer stopped at the garages, but when we leave the warehouse garage with the trucks, we are still run over by cars passing by on the street. this happens if I enter the garage of the apartments and leave it with the cars too

I see, well that shouldn’t be happening any more where they appear on top of the car!

And this?

What’s happening here? You exited and it automatically push you out to hit the truck?

Sometimes when I leave the underground garage and there is a car on the street, my car hits the cars on the street, in this case in the image my yellow van is automatically leaving the garage and that was exactly what happened, my van already collided with this truck black. This also happens in warehouses when I need to leave with a big truck, he leaves with a good part of the front of the truck in the middle of the avenue and already trapped between some cars