Orderd Furniture at Sqaure and A&J once but got it Twice

So i wanted to start a new Coffe Shop. I Orderd some Chashiers Furniture etc from Square Appliances and A&J Peterson. Delivery on the same day and time. Everything arrived at 10am but i only got a notification that a delivery from Square arrived. An hour later at 11am i got the same delivery again and now i got a notification that both stores deliverd. But now i got dupple the furniture i Ordered and i was of course charged twice. After i restarded the game the problem remaind. So now i have to call the shops after the first delivery to cancel my order. I Reported this via the ingame tool but i thought i should post it in more detail here. Sry for any spelling mistakes.

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This should be fixed in the patch that’s coming out very soon!

Did you get charged twice otherwise bargain two coffee shops for price of one

Unfortunately, players are getting charged twice as well, so no free goods! :frowning:

Should be fixed in the next patch, though :crossed_fingers: