Online orders and delivery services

I’ve played Startup company for years and that gave me this idea:
New feature related to web dev office:
Create an internal project, this is a website that needs maintenance and devs to improve it (let’s skip for now the materials, this will cost only money to start with)
This website is used by customers to order food or other goods from my businesses.
the business will need to have a new employee as “delivery driver” like those in the warehouse, and each one should have a bike or a car or something.
we may need to have to link a vehicule to the store that will do the deliveries somehow, maybe a new building like fleet storage or something like the warehouse.
Let’s throw in some “reviews” from the customers that will show like facility and service and impact the amount of orders your shop gets.
deliveries will yield a 30% more money but with some chance to lose the order that depends on the skill of the driver -just some spice- and here is an easy way: chance of losing an order = 105 - driver level, this will end up as 30% more money for a delivery with a chance of 5% to lose everything using a 100% driver skill.
Enabling the delivery service on your store / website will increase the capacity of that store by 20% thus the need to add the extra machines and so on. This 20% depends on the level of the website (2% for lv 1 and 20% for lv 10)
A website can only serve 1 store.
A website costs money for hosting, depending on the level 100$ per day per level.

I have more details about this suggestion, if you upvote this, i’ll make sure to add everything as an enhancement for this v1.0 :wink:
Seperate stats for this system will be good.