Objects not placeable

I have a bug with placeble objects
I cant place and cant use other objects
Password: verystrongpassword

@StealthKiller Unfortunately the video doesn’t exist (at least that’s what OneDrive says).
Can you tell me the “address” of the affected building? We already got reports about the issue for certain buildings, maybe it’s one of those.

This happens in all commercial buildings over time.
Perhaps even in residential buildings.

I was not able to place objects in 17 fifth street or 19 fifth street

I guess you mean 5th Avenue, right?
That’s a known issue: Unable to place items 19 Fifth · Issue #384 · hovgaardgames/bigambitions-public · GitHub
Generally, the buildings on 5th Avenue still have a lot of issues. For now I recommend to only rent the buildings on 4th Avenue and 3rd Street.

yes ave sorry thanks for the reply :smile:

Bug has been fixed a while ago, closing here.