Object/Wall Proximity

Nothing too suggestive, although with similar tricks I could win the Nobel Prize for physics!

it seems that the character chose the shortest route, that of sticking his hands in the wall and violently taking the carrier, like in the best superhero films

Has this ever happened to you?
Has it already been reported?

I have seen this specifically with the moving cart thingie. No structural damage was noticed, though, as my character tore it through the wall :joy:

While driving, I’ve also noticed that sometimes I’ll get stuck on the corner of a car’s hitbox that seems larger than the car’s geometry. I’m trying to do a wild dash through traffic, and ghost bumpers are stopping me!

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you know I was just noticing this a few minutes ago?

You totally took a possible suggestion regarding hitbox resize (Which isn’t bad at all, I often find myself in difficult situations with hitboxes too)

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