Ny distro warehouse

We seem to be experiencing a SHAKING sensation when entering the NY DISTRO warehouse since the recent changes into EA 0.4 but not sure if this is just local to me so I thought I’d raise the question.

I have also noticed a few more times where the game will freeze certain actions, like travelling on METRO being lost or changing the allocation of a display table in the electronics store being frozen.

At least with these, a restart seems to fix the problem, but the shaking sensation in NY DISTRO looks to be more permanent.

Hm. The only way I seem to see this is if you sit on the entry pad and exit/enter/exit/enter. It doesn’t seem to happen if you’re just driving in normally, correct?

Just driving in normally and going straight to the top wall where the electronics are stored. Room shakes when driving up there but not after I’ve stopped and loaded

Could you screencapture and show a video here please, so I can see what you’re saying? Would be helpful!

Sorry…not sure how to do that, but I just did the exercise twice again to see what happens.

I approach the entrance, the green narrative comes on to ENTER, and I then carry on driving inside.

No matter where I choose to stop, the light shimmering/shaking is taking place UNTIL I STOP when it goes away.

Checked another two saves, and one reacts the same way, with the addition that it flips my view by 180º upon entering, so I have to spin it back round before going forward as normal. Just little things I’ve noticed that are different but don’t have an explanation.

The problem I have in screen capture is that I play the game on my PC and correspond on this forum on my MAC, but I don’t know how to do that anyway and would be difficult across platforms.

Okay, no worries.

The other thing, the camera flipping around, isn’t new, but definitely can be annoying as well! :slight_smile:

Looks like it might be a simple fps issue when first entering, but not sure.

I’m having the same problem, and I’ll try to record while I’m playing