Notifications in the "upcoming tasks" in the objectives window are not going away

Hi there,

since a couple of day, the notification of a lack of goods in my grocery are not going away, even though everything is refill now… I have a logistic manager who cares about it everynight, and I made it manually also to be sure.
See the picture attached, I am in my shop, everything is refill but still have the notifications.

here is my savegame:
Jour 448 daddyjanno.hsg (3.1 MB)

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I just had the same issue. I have 50 businesses, so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. Things are going great - then one day my deliveries were a day late for gifts, and it (accurately) told me the shelves were missing cheap/expensive gifts. The day after I got the order in, and deliveries were made…it still showed that 3 stores were missing expensive gifts, which (as the video clearly shows) is false.

I tired to submit an in-game bug, but it didn’t seem to let me. Sleeping for a few days, also did not fix it. Save/Main Menu/Load, did fix it, though.