Not Paying Salary To Employee

I have successfully hired an employee to work in my gift shop. He is showing up and sales are occurring. In the Income Statement for the store, under Ongoing Expenses, Salaries are listed as $0.

UPDATE: Now it is showing a salary for ‘yesterday’. However, I am all but certain that at the very least, the first day the employee worked did not show a salary. (I am aware that information does not show up until the next day.) I will pay closer attention when I open my next business.

Has anyone else seen this?

Hi @SamuraiProgrammer, that’s a known bug:

You’re paying the salary for every day. However, it’s paid at 00:00 and thus registered for the next day.
For example if your employee starts work on day 10, he will receive the salary for the work at 00:00 on day 11 and BizMan will only show it with the numbers for day 11.

My apologies. I searched for salary in the bug forum. :blush:

The search on Github is pretty limited unfortunately, it’s very hard to find anything if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. :smiley:
That’s what I’m here for, I know most of the reported bugs and can always double check.

Great ! :sunglasses:

Thanks for the information!