Not a bug but It seems needed. Cleaners

I don’t know about you but I dislike housekeeping even in a game. I hire someone to maintain my floors in real life too. So either a robot or a person doing the Mopping. or just a button on the wall lmao. I think sooner this gets automated for me the better. at least in game mopping is fast and not tiresome.

I agree. I have found you can hire a cleaning employee, but I don’t see how to assign that employee to actually clean - might not be implemented yet. But it seems the concept is definitely going to happen!

yeah i hired one once but couldnt assign em. not sure how much dirty floors destroy my customer base. i guess i will wait. Im liking getting the loans with no pay back right now, but i am sure that will change before long.

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Hi @larwin41, since this is not a bug and cleaners will be implemented in a future version (alpha 6 I think), I’ll close the thread here.

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