No new retail store to rent

I was playing at day 30 at new save game however the retail to rent is still the same since day 1 , only 75m is available. I’m not able to rent a bigger retails, not sure if I do anything wrong. Kindly asking for help.

The available buildings potentially change each day as stores close and others open. But sure to check each day to see what is out there! And make sure you’re looking at the whole map if you want more variety!

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Thank you. Anyways, my save still didn’t change. I’ve search for 30 days in a whole map to see available retail, they still the same buildings everyday. I’ll try in another then.

Please hit F2 and submit that as a bug report then please so I can take a look!

Thank you. I’ve already reported it. FYI, here is a screenshot for Day 29-30. The available retail still the same since day 1 lol.

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