No delivery from Import/Export if prices fall after placing order

I did order for a bit over the order limit of the trader and when it should be delivered I think I got the message at 0:00 but no delivery was done because the total price was lower than the order limit. I tried this a few times. Then when I ordered for more than the limit it was delivered, the total price did still exceed the order limit.

If an order is placed it should be processed with the prices agreed, no matter if the trader’s prices change afterwards.

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The prices shouldn’t be changing if you’ve already set the contract with the Purchasing Agent. It’s the quantity that you’re ordering that is changing.

If you’re doing a repeating delivery, the amount that is attempted to be ordered is based on your current warehouse stock. This means if you are targeting 1000, and have 800, it will only attempt to order 200. But that 200 might not be enough to hit the minimum cost threshold, so the order doesn’t go through.

The next day, if your warehouse goes down to 600, now it will attempt to order 400, which is enough to hit the minimum cost, so the order goes through. Or in your case, you increased the target number so it tried to order enough to hit the minimum.