Night Time Framerate Bug

Alright So I want to keep this simple because I have had this issue since the Lighting Update and its still not Solved. When the lighting update was added my game decided that it likes to Slow down my CPU and GPU it Drops my CPU lower than 3Ghz/3000MHz which is terribly low because my CPU’s Base Clock is 3.6Ghz/3600Mhz and its max Speed is 5050MHz. It Also Causing My GPU load To decrease dramatically dropping my Fps below 60 While my max fps has passed 200+. I know this is not a hardware compatibility and my parts are not “throttling” my max temps are set to 93Degrees and they don’t really ever pass 80. My CPU is water Cooled, I also have passed every Single 3D mark Stress Test and Have Received Very Very High Benchmarks aswell. I have this issue on both my Rtx 3080ti and Ryzen 9 5950x Build and my 3070 and Ryzen 5 5600x. I have a Spare Ryzen 7 5700g Cpu and it does not fix the issue. I did not have this Issue on my Ryzen 5 2600 + 1660ti Build but that was before the lighting update.

Edit: If Required I Can Provide Proof of 3D mark Stress Test Results by Executing Fresh Ones and posting the Results.

Edit2: I was asked if I had power draw issues in the discord so heres my bench mark results For Timespy Extreme and Regular TimeSpy: