New "Empty Fridge" issue

I went to test the new “Empty Fridge” feature and came across two bugs and one suggestion.

1 - suggestion) After emptying the Fridge in my apartment, it put my food in a paperbag. You can’t put the paperbag on the handtruck with the Fridge, and you can’t carry the paperbag and grab the handtruck, so that is slightly annoying. It would be nice to toss the paperbag on top of the boxes.

2 - bug ) When I tried to leave my apartment with the paperbag/fresh food, it told me I had to pay for my items before leaving. This is clearly a bug, as they were paid for before I put them in the fridge in the first place.

3 - bug) I decided to try to pull the fridge off the handtruck to put the food back in the fridge…and instead the fridge somehow ended up IN the paperbag, which is amazing :smiley:

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This Is Huge!

Nice Job!!!

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Unlocked New Career Option: Magician!

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Your magic trick is now on Github, as two separate bugs: