New apartment no bed

Got a new apartment closer to my gift shop. Ended contract with the old apartment and lost the bed.

Where can I buy a bed? Cannot complete tasks because of no sleep.

I re-rented the old apartment and the bed was there. However, I still get charged daily for the 2nd apartment even after canceling the agreement.

Hi @sweax, currently other apartments than the default one are not supported.
There is a workaround, you can manually carry the bed from one apartment to the other but I’d rather recommend to wait a little bit until you can buy furniture.

The rent for an apartment shouldn’t be charged anymore once the contract is cancelled. Can you tell me which building it is (address)? Maybe there’s an issue with that building.

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I looked again and I guess it wasn’t charging me. Thanks for your quick reply. The game is great so far.

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@Gerwanese I didn’t realize moving wasn’t really supported yet. I have been living in the apartment down the street from the giant warehouse with no real issues. I have noticed that traffic de-spawns on that street which makes it easy to always have front door parking, though!

Closing this issue, as moving to another apartment is now fully supported and beds are available to buy.

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