Name suggestions wanted: The M2 truck

Hi everyone!

Once again, we need a great trademark-safe name for the first cargo truck in the game:

The truck is based on the “Freightliner M2” medium-duty truck.

Let the creative and genius suggestions flow :partying_face:



Hi J,

  • FreightTruck T1 (T1 - it’s first-generation truck (if you are going to add more in the future))
  • FreightTruck MD / MDT (MD / MDT - it’s medium-duty / medium-duty truck).

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Cargo Carrier M

That would give you the options to call other truck sizes S, L, XL etc. :smiley:

Number 7. Thinking of Old Tv Show ‘Grizzly Adams’. What is the character in that TV show with the name ‘Number 7’. You might not remember this show if you grew up after the 80s.

Another name I like is '(your name)‘s Truck’. or '(your business name)‘s Truck’.

Ok non trademark name? Truck #1, Truck #2 and so on. hehe.

Caption on truck could read something like ‘Load it. Haul it. Unload it. Repeat.’

Or simply name it ‘My Truck’.

Or ‘Cargo Wagon’. not sure theres trademarks around that name.

Game generated names and Player input names would be great to have for game.

You could swap out the real manufacturer name and the model/series, and have something like “Holliday L5”, “Davison GM2” or whatever.