My suggestions

Ergonomic suggestions:

  • The Map Filters should have collapsible categories. I.e. If I know I’m not looking for a “Special Building” I can click on that text and all the special building filters would be hidden.

  • Also, on my screen the Map Filters callout overlaps with the App icon panel. Not really a big deal since it can be moved but, slightly annoying. Aside from it overlapping I like the default position so it would be nice if it were resizable, or automatically scaled to not overlap.

  • I saw from the roadmap that Hells Kitchen was implemented a while back. I have no idea where the Garment Industry ends and Hells Kitchen begins. It may be a good idea before new neighborhoods are introduced to somehow delineate that on the map view.

Business suggestions:

  • Maybe a category of business that doesn’t require a building unless you have employees. Like a vending machine company or a food cart/trucks? Businesses that basically have one type of good and don’t take up a whole storefront.

  • I think NY has a strong manufacturing economy, maybe instead of importing everything you could get into manufacturing some goods. Which you could use directly of course but also maybe sell to the distributors? Or export?

  • I feel like the Gift Shop is a bit to profitable at the moment. As its a starting business (and your uncle literally tells you something along the lines of an empire is built on gift shops) I think it should basically only be just profitable. I make like 5k a day from mine without any marketing. Its easily more profitable than either Fast Food or a Supermarket. Both of which cost more to startup in terms of equipment so it feels weird.

Miscellaneous suggestions:

  • I’d like to be able to hire into an “undisclosed” position. I.e. instead of selecting where someone is going to work hire them as unassigned. I usually spend a few days training them up anyway and it would be useful to get staffed up before dropping money on a location.

  • Hailing a cab. I mean… its New York. Granted this may want to wait until the traffic system is a bit more stable… unless it just teleports you to the nearest cab to where you asked to go.

  • The ability to preview the inside of a building before renting it.

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Hi @Despot9, welcome to the community and thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Would you mind separating your suggestions into several topics? Otherwise voting wouldn’t work because we couldn’t connect the number of votes with one specific suggestion (unless they’re very closely related, for example the map filter suggestion I wouldn’t mind to have combined, even if it’s not sure that both would be implemented).

A few suggestions already exist (feel free to comment there to add more details about how you’d like it implemented):

Balancing will be done during a later stage, that will also cover your feedback regarding the too profitable gift shop. Currently, a lot of numbers are pretty odd.

Your idea about hiring “undisclosed” employees might be good together with the HR manager.
Currently I usually just request 10 candidates of one type for a random business, and after hiring I unassign them or move them to a different business. That’s how I always keep a good “employee pool”. Especially while candidates from the recruitment agency never expire, so once you get 10 service employees for your gift shop, you can just hire one of them anytime any of your businesses is in need. :smiley:

Right… I didn’t realize there was a voting system. I’ll break it up into a few posts.

Looks like I’ve reached my maximum number of new posts for a new user. I’ll add the rest over the next few days.

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Oh yeah, the trouble with discourse limitations. :smiley: