My List of Logics and Improvments

I have already presented 3 ideas of mine, but I have more and I want to show you all of them in this feature request.

Part 1 - ItemViewer
It is always quite difficult to find out where to find which piece of furniture for which item. For example, I had to go back to Discord a lot lately. That’s the end of the ItemViewer now. There is an app called MyStorage, where you can see every single item, shelf, cash register or anything else that can store items. That is, there is a search at the top right to find the objects/items. In the search then several Items/Objects are indicated with the name and then there is under it a button, in order to indicate more of it. Then there are the buildings where this item/object is present, the name, the price for the different buildings and a shopping cart button that adds it to the shopping cart. Then at the top of this bar you can also see the shopping cart, if you click on it a menu opens where you can choose the delivery address (HQ, your own apartment) and a button that says “Buy”.

Part 2 - Door mat
Are you also annoyed that the customers make so much dirt after one day? That’s over now! The door mat reduces the chance of dirt by half.

Part 3 - Item Logic
It would be pretty cool if there was some kind of logic of items and their storage options. For example, that items have different ways of being stored:

  • Normal
  • Frozen
  • Frozen
  • Temperature maintained
    Because at the moment it doesn’t make sense why I can put items in the rounded shelf that don’t go in the normal shelf. Also, it would be cool that when preparing things (Pizza Oven, Salad bar, ect.), there is an alternative option, but where customers pay less. For example, the pizza oven that I can use a microwave for starters, but the customers by default then only spend 2 dollars and with a pizza oven 4 dollars. Sure you have to adjust the prices yourself, but it would be cool if that is possible. Also something should be added that shows per item how satisfied the customers are with the price or the production.

Part 4 - Better item names
At the moment it’s quite funny, when you hold an item in your hand, it says for example RoundedShelf without a space or something. That’s why I think, for every item this should be done, that there is an ID and a DisplayName. For example for RoundShelf it would be:
shelf_round | Rounded shelf
So the game would get a completely different charm.

Part 5 - Larger storage shelves and shelf logic
Storage shelves can currently only hold 5-10 item types and shelves can only hold 1 item type, it would be cool if you could set for each individual shelf what goes in there per row and that you just set a value per item, how many items fit in per row and thus you have a limit. It would also be quite helpful if the same happens for storage shelves. For example, you could store 500 items per storage rack.

Part 6 - Better paid jobs
It would be cool to be able to work at different stores, as well as the stores all giving different salaries per hour. As well as being able to apply for a time and not be nailed down to the standard time. This would be good for example if you want to buy a pizza oven, that is something expensive, and you are just starting out and don’t make much money, that you then work for example from 6-14 and then from 14-20 you set up the business and then go to sleep.

Part 7 - Better representation of elements
It’s pretty stupid if you want to buy for example 7 small items in Ekea for example a chair, but the packages are always the same size. It would be cool if every item and object had an index for the space it takes up. For example a chair is 1 big and a pizza oven is 4 big. Also, when I put something in my cart when I go shopping for FreshFood for example, I don’t really see what is in there. It would be cool to see the 3D objects from the items, which you also see with the storefronts, in the basket as well.

Part 8 - More time
Time passes too quickly. It would be better if one minute in the game would be called 5 seconds in real life, so it would be more worthwhile to sleep and you would have no more stress in a day. But you would earn just as much money.

It’s a long list of things to add, but these things would only make the game more realistic and better programmed if you implement everything. I know it would be very difficult to get this done, but it would be a must for a realistic business simulator.

Hi @LPDMinecraft , thank you for the extensive feedback.
A list as feature suggestion unfortunately isn’t very helpful, as we need people to be able to vote on single features and not on a whole package. It would be great if you could create separate topics for each suggestion if they don’t exist already (I saw that you created already separate topics for 1 and 2, we also have a topic for 8 already, and 4 will come at a later stage with localization).

The Problem is, that you have only 3 votes.

Yes, votes are limited by purpose - so people choose their favourites only and don’t just vote on everything.
Any vote on this list would be wasted though, because it’s not given for a single feature and thus wouldn’t be considered by us when checking for most-voted features. If I make a list of features with most votes, I would only use topics that have one specific feature in them.

But then you have to say, wich feature is already implemented or it will be implemeted, so we have more votes and you can see it better. Also we dont have the permission to delelte our own suggetions. Why we cant close them like on github?

I have an idea for an update of the community platform:
Please rework the deletion of topics so that you can only create and close one, so that the admins can see afterwards which ones have been closed and why. Also, make a new category called “Will be implemented”, where we can put the planned features we have created, where we can’t delete/close and rate anything anymore, so that for example votes disappear completely from this category and you have more votes to vote for other ideas.

The second part of the idea would be, which doesn’t have to be, but would help us decide, a system where we can privately set from a scale of 1-10 how cool we think this feature is, and a function that, for example, you press a button and see new features, you can then read through them and then privately rate them, so that after 5-20 ratings you press the stop button, or if there are no more new things, all the private ratings are sorted from best to worst and you can then choose which new votes you want to distribute.

We already have a sub-category where we move implemented/planned features (of course it can always happen that we miss them), and those topics will be closed.
This should also free the votes given on those suggestions, although we had a bug in the forum software that kept the votes stuck. But it should always be possible to manually remove a vote from a topic if it’s not happening automatically.

I don’t see any chance for a more complex system, we’re just using a feature that is built into the forum software. Building our own voting tools would be time lost for the actual development of the game. In the end, the community is just a support tool and not our main product.

I will close this topic for now, to prevent votes being given here that would be lost/wasted.