My general thoughts on QOL and stuff

A small list of some QOL thoughts, tried to keep it as small as possible. So you don’t waste too much time reading it.
1 Utilities should be another cost that should be implemented as a cost besides rent. So it would cost water/electricity & gas. Obviously, this would be bigger the larger the building is but could also fluctuate on the type of business you are using. For example, fast food restaurant would use more water then a clothing store.
2 Should be a more progression locked way in the game. Right now, you can go ahead and do everything and I know it’s a certain freedom. But it also takes away certain game time of unlocking goals to progress further. Like you should be able to get all the cheap versions of products so you can still make whatever store you want, but in order to sell the expensive items you’ll need to complete a certain progression. In amount of orders, turnover, …
3 Balance needs some work. Right now, it’s clothing stores in Midtown and you are loaded. The buildings are much more expensive in Mid Town yet the rent is about the same as in Garment district? As Mid Town is a very rich = profitable area this shouldn’t be something you can go and rent from the start at low prices. Again, there should be some natural progression, so you feel you achieved something cool when you where able to rent your first store in the rich part of town.
4 We need some GUI interface on Bizman for the car dealers like you did for the furniture and appliance stores. Would make it clear what vehicles are sold and what price so you don’t waste driving there for a vehicle that isn’t sold there. Make it look like an ad page so it feels cooler than just a list … (Could be expanded to delivering cars to owned garages for the future?)
5 Market events need to actually start working to impact warehouses as a strategic factor.
6 Should have random ‘golden’ employees, they would have higher customer satisfaction could work longer hours, cost less and be more productive generally. Make them graphically stand out also, so they become some sort of legendary Pokémon card. Sounds weird but it keeps people triggered and engaged in the game flow.
7 Training employees should come at increased wage cost also. No employee keeps working for the same amount of money if their skill set increased. (If you are please sent me your resume if you’re in the accounting business. :wink:)
8 Warning message on pallet shelves in stores that they don’t work for restocking goods.
9 Persona makeover, we need a more Goal/Totals inspired high score look. Someway to peacock to your friends how much buildings, employees, wealth or total net worth you have. But in a fancy coat so it’s attractive … Don’t underestimate the spreading of peacock features towards a larger audience, impact is quite big.
10 Secondary added items. For example, adding condiments (sauces, pickles, …) for a burger would allow you to sell it at increased prices. Same with different frostings on cupcakes and such … increasing the profitability, customer satisfaction …
11 Uniforms should have an option to make it business first. You should be able to assign a preset of a uniform to a store, so every assigned employee will automatically be assigned to that uniform. It’s otherwise tedious with new employees to assign them that specific preset again.
12 Employee uniforms should have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. A lawyer that looks like a Mc Donalds employee will not get much credit. Then again a food worker without apron and hygiene elements (hair net/ gloves) would look unprofessional also. This making uniforms not just a gimmick but also an actual useful feature!
13 If a car is illegally parked it should have a red steering wheel on the mini map, indicating you have an illegally parked vehicle there and that’s why you are receiving tickets. Cause if you have lots of vehicles it’s…. let’s say difficult. (+ still should tow you to a police impound after 3 tickets … :P)
14 Blueprints should be able to be saved for building layouts, maybe call them construction plans and add a fee for setting up all the appliances and wall/floor decorations. It be easier for mid/late game to copy certain layout for stores to more different building.
15 Ability to buy investments for more than 9,999,999. Like no need to limit it to such as you allow more of the same investments to be bought. Just makes buying higher amounts of investments unnecessary tedious.
16 When opening Econoview and I have no active loans it should show me the investment tab if I have active investments.
17 Businesses should have a more takeover and shares model. So you can buy shares in companies and gain dividends from them = another way to invest your money to not be getting negative bank interest. Also having 100 % of the shares should allow an overtake like you have now. Or simply keep it running and enjoy the dividends from the business without worrying about setting it up fully.
18 Need presets for appliances/furnitures and simple ways to copy paste the preset on other furniture. If I want a black and red chair and I have 40th of them … doing it the way it is now is not even tedious, it’s ludicrous. Also need better RGB selector but this is already on roadmap.
19 A repeat button to call the bank back after I made an investment, so I don’t have to call and select again loan or investment. (Like you do with all the other one’s like repeat recruitment campaign.)
20 Econoview – income statement for the love of god add some sorting to it. It being alphabetical or highest earner above or something. The list makes no sense …
21 Bizman should separate the business and Real estate. Just make it like a tab, so you can switch between the 2 categories really.
22 When I call a marketing agency from the Bizman interface of the business, it should automatically fill in the business dropdown box, so I should only select what type of marketing I want.
23 Bizman deliveries should also list what logistic manager is doing what sort of transport routes on it. I have so many logistic managers and warehouses, it’s a jungle… I don’t know how many managers I have assigned to a business.
24 Why does autosave not overwrite your normal save file? It only affects the ‘recovery saves’? The times I think autosaves are running but then when I click continue it’s like a couple minutes behind because I didn’t manually overwrite? Think you should do the autosave automatically replace current save and then go into the recovery saves amount. Now you have to manually save it and confirm to overwrite, shame…
25 Numbers need some thousands formatting 1,000,000.00 on certain dialogs like when sending an offer to buy a building and such.
26 Multiple floors or businesses should be a thing, right now only 1 business per building.

Some of the stuff floating in my head …

Also wanted to say to the entire dev team that you guys and girl are doing an amazing job! The progress that has been pushed every beta made a real difference to the ‘feel’ of the game. :slight_smile: And really looking forward to the future roll out of the roadmap and many more additions :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Overall, I agree with all your points, except I strongly disagree with this one. Sometimes I open a save to test or check something, etc. and I don’t want the game autosaving over my manual save. I personally strongly prefer the autosaves being separate from the manual ones.

I don’t know… everytime. I think it saves over the normal one, but it doesn’t so I have to revert to my recovery save. It’s not an autosave, it’s an autorecoverysave atm. Obviously not a huge problem but I can’t think of a game that implements it like this and just not used to it. I get your argument if you want to try something out but you can always backup your save or reroll to a recovery one. Maybe a checkbox in settings to auto overwrite main save could fix it so both viewpoints are met? :stuck_out_tongue: