My feedback

Hi ,

Since iv invested some time in this game 15 h+ . I finally had the time to write this feedback .
I played Alpha 9 and 10 .

First of all this game already feels really good in so many ways . Warehouses , different shops , Different goods . Wholesale store etc… Big + to u guys for making this game .

Things that made me stop playing in alpha 10

The Van with 20 Cargo slots ( really hard to steer left and right comparing to the other vehicles)
Employee’s working 20-25 hours getting exhausted ( thates a joke right )
Managing ur employee’s when u own 3-4 store + HQ + Warehouse . Is for me really hard to know whate is going on with ur employees . I would really like it to be more compact . Filter or a summary of each shop .
Once u have a jewelstore shop u already won at this point in my opinion .
Non Food ( Vegan i geuss ) Cant be placed in ur supermarket .
The latest content ( warehouse import export ) I dont get it at all . Cause u cant buy everything at the import bussiness . (only had 1 contract)

I am standing behind u guys 100 % and most of the things that im writing here u guys probably already are aware off or looking to sort out probably .

Thanks for reading , English isnt my mother tongue so i hope grammar and all that doesnt matter that much .

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Hey! Just wanna say thank you for your feedback and the kind words. I’ve saved your post and it will be used as we plan the next updates to the game :slight_smile:

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