My business just disappeared

I had a successful running gift store, a day later it disappeared from the Bizzman and from the map. But I still have my three employees.

Let me know if you need my savegame, than I could send you this one.

Hi @Kaboozt,
the savegame would for sure be a big help.
If you haven’t started the game again afterwards, the Player.log might help as well. Or the Player-prev.log if you have started the game only once after the bug.

Hi @Gerwanese,

Could you please let me know where I find all the savegame and Player.log / Player-prev.log.

Thanks in advance.

On Windows, you can find it at:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Hovgaard Games\Big Ambitions\alpha9\
The AppData folder is hidden, so you either have to set the display options to show hidden files and folders, or you can type it manually in the address bar of your explorer:

Additionally, do you still know in which building the business was? Just in case it’s a bug with a certain building.

The same thing just happened to me. My GiftShop just stopped to belong to me. Here is the save file.
I bought it again and standing in front of it.
Ampire.json (1.3 MB)

I just sent you everything in a text massage.

Here the info which building it was:

Thank you!
I was hoping it might always affect just one broken building, but seems not to be the case, everyone gets this in a different building.

Could it be a specific problem with the giftshop?

At least I can’t reproduce the issue.
My guess would be that the game doesn’t consider player businesses in Market Insider changes (when AI businesses open or close).

Alright, it’s definitely the Market Insider shutting down your business:

Hi guys! Wow, that was a bad bug. It has now been fixed and will be included in the next hotfix.

If anyone miss their business, feel free to attach your savegame here and tell me the address of the lost business.


That’s great, thanks a lot. :smiley:

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