MORE COMPLEX EMPLOYEE HANDLING - Both interesting and helpful

I have a couple suggestions as to how you can make the employe handling more interesting/helpfull for the player:

  • Being able to use more specific parameters when searching for new employees would be great. Of course it would have to come at a price. I think it is strange to not be able to specify whether you’re looking for a part-time or full-time employee for example.

  • Being able to re-negotiate a contract with an emplyee would be very interesting. In this situation you could try and offer the employee longer working hours (part-time to full-time for example, or vice versa) because they have great stats, but doesn’t fit your current plans. This would of coruse also come at a price, since the employee might need convincing.

Thank you!
Keep up the great work!

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I agree that part-time/full-time is a missing option when searching new employees. I would also add an option to customize hourly wage per employee so that we can set it manually for each employee, and the hourly wage shown when employing would be the one that is desired by the employee and it could be shown as a requirement low/med/high that if we set it lower the employee could be unhappy and leave.

Another nice feature would be if we could add an employee to multiple businesses and not just one, so eg. 1 employee could work at cash register in the morning at coffee shop and the same employee could work at restaurant in the evening.

Also I find it very missing that I get a notification that employee called in sick, but there is no any information that he can get back to work and we need to check employees list every day to see if he’s not sick anymore. There’s also idea for sick notification to have some details like how many days approximately employee will be off and the notifications could come as SMS from employee instead of in-game toasts.

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