Moment of Praise of the B4 Bizman Updates

Like always I just wanted to point out some awesome new B4 features I really appreciate from the Devs to offset all the bug reports, issues and complaints I have also sent in lol

The starting a new business layout is very nice. Much cleaner and organized and detailed.

Purchasing Agent: showing the current Warehouse stock in the Purchasing Agent’s screen - HUGELY appreciated. This was very annoying to have to flip back and forth, so thank you!

New Bizman homescreen - everything is organized, and you can sort by different parameters, which makes finding the correct listing so much easier. I love that the warehouses and HQ are on the side panels as well. Makes them much easier to access.

Plus, the way Real Estate has been incorporated is great, both on the overview screen, and for each individual business.

Loving it, and looking forward to the stable release!

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Thank you very much for your kind words! You’re awesome :heart:

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