So i’ve played Big ambitions for a couple of days now and i really like it. It surely has a lot of potential. I realy like the idea of starting bussines and micromanaging everything so i’ll become succesvol. So i have some ideas about that micromanaging i would like to share.

First of; I think the souvinershop is way to profitable very soon. The moment you can hire employees i did that and i didnt worked in the shop myself anymore. And it didnt realy matter, because i still made profit.
I think that it would be more realistic if it would take more effort to make profit. In the beginning the player should work there mostly themself to save spendings, and if they think they could hire someone it wouldnt be full-time at first. It would be fun to manage your time and realy think trough the desisions you make, because otherwise you end up in debt.

The second thing i want to mention is the employee’s. I think it’s strange they get paid everyday they don’t work because it punish the player to hire more part-timers. My idea is this: Employees do get bonus’s, but not everyday and not all the same amount. Once a week they get some extra money based on the hours the worked that week. It’s strange that if you let an employee work one day, they get the other six days ‘free’ money. In my idea someone who works 36 hours would get a higher bonus then those who work 10…

And this will work nicely with the next thing i would love to see: employees with the wants and demands to work parttime or fulltime. When you hire someone you can read trough their wants and demands to find out how many hours they want to work and wich days they are available…
I think it would be fun to micromanage that aspect of the game… You’ll have to make a schedule and remember to take care of their wants… It makes it a bit more challenging and i like that.

Also, i would like them to want more salary if they work for you a while and other wants and demands that could change the way you play…

Another thing i would like to micromanage is the openinghours. In the tab costumors over time whe can see how many people came in the last seven days. Also, you can click ‘yesterday’ and see the number of customers per hour. I would love it if we can see that also for a week so we know which times is the best time (and days) to open our bussines. I mean, open your business 16 hours a day instead of 8 should not double your income. It’s more difficult then that and i would like to see that in the game. :slight_smile:

That’s alll, i hope i make sense. English isnt my first language so…


I noticed myself that the gift shop is really profitable compared to the restaurant.
Especially when it comes to the neccasary investments.
Just compare a rounded shelf to a pizza oven. lol, the price difference.
Just out of curiosity I made a spreadsheet to compare the ROI (Return of investment).
Hopefully I got all prices correct.
Both shops have about 90% satisfactory and should therefore be a pretty good comparison.
I’m selling two of each goods in the stores and a lot of marketing.

The daily sales may vary, but still proves the point.
A restaurant makes a bit more sales, and that’s fair.
But when you compare the amount of money invested, it becomes pretty redicolous.
It’s about 14% compared to 68%.

Big Ambitions - ROI

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Seems like your gift shop and restaurant are different sizes based on your purchases so I think the spread is lower but still noticeable.

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Yes, the restaurant needs a bigger area to sell all the products. If my gift shop was bigger, it might get more customers and the spread could be even more actually since rent and salaries are not included. This is only sales.

If you look at sales per product, pizza and salad is the products that are lifting the sales.