I noticed some changes in marketing.
what is changed and why?

As far as I can see prices for marketing has increased and the amount of marketing needed has also increased. On a very profitable shop, I would get that, but not every shop is super profitable.
I just started a supermarket and to fill the bar I would need to spend at least 4000 on marketing each day.
My profit lies on about 2000 or something, therefore I would loose a lot of money.

Wow marketing costs went up alot.

You need to check the demand system now before opening a new business. It was to easy, back then, to open just a jewelry store and enjoy the profit. Now, there`s a whole demand system which decides what people want the most and least.

The new demand system is not working properly either. It said 100% demand, still it was really hard to get any customers on some type of goods. They walked in the shop and just left again, for some reason.