Marketing on HQ

I pay $500 on marketing on my HeadQuarter. I can’t find the option for that anywhere.

Is this a mistake?
I would like to at least stop the campaign

When i call the agency, i dont have the headquarter ind business to choose

I am guessing maybe you were using this building as a law or web office before and had marketing going then, but then switched it to a HQ and never turned off the Marketing? If so, this is already known and they are working on it!

If not, please describe what happened.

Either way, a solution should be to swap it to a Law or Web office, which should make a “marketing” tab appear where you can cancel the marketing. Downside - you will probably have to reset your Logistics Managers and Purchasing Agents when you swap back to a Headquarters

Yep, that exactly what happened :slight_smile:

Didnt think of that

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Closing this as fixed - if you switch an office to an HQ, the marketing automatically stops now!