Management Situation

Good morning,

As always I apologise for any mistranslation, I use machine translation software, if I come across as mechanical and/or use strange terms please forgive me.

Having said that, I’ll go straight to describing the biggest problem I have with the game platform.

As in any company, even the company itself that is creating the game, there is a need for proper tabulation regarding inventory, employees, import and export. You need to have an overview of the situation so that you can, on a day-to-day basis, adopt market techniques, start marketing or do stress tests on staff and shops.

The information is absolutely there, but fragmented over several menus.

*How much inventory is left in the shop?
- Go see the shops one by one -
*How much inventory is left in the warehouse?
- Go through the stores one by one -
*Wait, I didn’t read that right… Let me see the shop’s inventory again.
- Go see the shop once more.
Okay, but if I have a similar consumption of items I have to order more. Let me order more items.
- Go to your HQ and place your order, hoping you haven’t done bad maths -
*Now how are we doing?
- Go and look at the stock once more -
*On what weekly basis should I replenish the shops and warehouses ?
- Open all the shops and warehouses one by one again -

Would it not be possible to create something less mechanical?
For example, every day a message could arrive (if requested in the direction of the hq) and give you the stock levels with the various plausible days of replenishment. Directly. Without having to go every single time and have to open 10-15 shops and two warehouses to “redo” the situation.

I mean, I’m the only one who goes crazy running 10 shops at once?
Every time I open the Bizman I feel lost!

“Where do I find that information? Well, wait. Maybe it’s under here. Ah no, I need to see 10 shops first. Take the statistical base, go back to the warehouse and do the space check and then go to the hq and place the order based on the theoretical needs of 10 shops.”

I’m the type of player who really creates excel sheets to track the progress of the shops step by step and having the information so spread out over various menus is causing me quite a few problems.

Thank you for your time and please post any thoughts on this, I am very curious to see if I am getting it wrong or it may be a joint overview.
I am a human being and even I can adopt a wrong system of management, in case of advice and/or solutions that I have missed I am always open to civil debate!

Once again, thank you!

Have a good day!