Mall Building


  1. You can purchase and freely modify the size and location of the interior shops.
  2. Different companies will discuss details with you and move into your mall.
  3. The shops that move in may request a rent reduction.
  4. You can choose to charge daily rent or take a commission split.
  5. The shops that move in will choose their own location, but you can request them to move to a specific location.
  6. You can request shops to move out. When you have enough funds to purchase a mall, it does not mean that you will make a huge profit. It can actually consume your funds.

Competition and negative effects of the mall:

  1. Malls will compete with each other, and details will affect the flow of people.
  2. The mall can set up an activity area, and you can choose mall activities such as performances and singers, which will affect the flow of people to you and your neighboring competitors.
  3. The activities in the activity area will be graded and can have negative effects.
  4. The popularity of shops will have a direct impact.
  5. Accidents in neighboring areas outside the mall can affect the flow of people.
  6. If a fire occurs in the mall, you will need to pay a high maintenance fee.
  7. You can install or set up some measures to prevent this, but it is not 100% effective.
  8. Shops have requirements for foot traffic, and insufficient foot traffic may cause a wave of shop closures.

Here are some additional suggestions:

  1. You can request your logistics driver to deliver anything to any property at any time. (Reason: I bought some things and put them in the warehouse, but I can’t get them to the new store.)
  2. Arrange logistics to send items back to the warehouse or to any property.
  3. Shelves can be classified to store items (more than one category).
  4. Transfer goods between warehouses.

Hey, nice idea! I’m gonna switch this to a suggestion specifically for a Mall. Multiple suggestions in one post make it impossible to see what people are voting for!

These two could be their own post!

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Logistics driver suggestion

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We want to create several types of stores in one big store.
In fact, we can just make them, but we can have supermarkets, jewelry, florists, and gift shops together, but even if we put them and coffee shops and fast food together, customers will take their own food and not even sit in a chair to eat.
It would be nice to be able to do these things.
A kind of sign. ‘This is fast food,’ so from here to here you do fast food moves.
From here to here, it’s a flower shop, so you pick it out and bring it to the cash register.

Also, I’d like you to fix the AI where customers don’t bother to check out once and come back to try to leave the store.

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It would be nice to be able to create a store similar to Walmart or Target, where the player can sell just about everything. Of course, for balancing reasons I think the player should be limited to 4 or so different departments in one store.

An example of a store:

In store fast food restaurant (similar to how Sam’s Club or Ikea has a food court)
Clothes department
Food department
Jewlery Department