Lower Manhattan = Lower Business Opportunities

Basically, I like the Lower Manhattan district but compared to the other ones you have very low opportunities to found a company. The number of rentable buildings is very small or blocked by the rivals.
The rivals don´t like you and don´t want to communicate with you either.
Ok, you have the opportunity to buy a building but it cost a lot of money what I don´t want to invest.
Please double check the situation and think about it if this is really the strategy in Lower Manhattan you want to follow. If yes, I don´t see any big business opportunities in Lower Manhattan.

I have two proposals to make life a little bit funnier in Lower Manhattan:

  1. Free/rentable buildings change their KI owner and price level in a certain time frame. Same procedure as products do. Market ups and downs.

  2. Implement an audition for buildings. Once a year Lower Manhattan district runs an audition for a specific free/rentable building. As player you can join the audition and battle against the rivals. Highest price wins at the end. The city will get the money. (you can enlarge across all districts of course).

At least, please keep on working!

Interesting. Lower Manhattan has more buildings than Midtown or Murray Hill

or blocked by the rivals.

None of the special rivals operate in Lower Manhattan, so they wouldn’t be blocking you from renting any buildings.

Please find attached a screen shot of Lower Manhattan available buildings. As you can see the number is very very low. What do you think?

I want to rent a building and the owner is Huang Gao which is one of my rivals and he denies my request as you can see in below screen shot

If all the available buildings are rented, you can buy them out if you’re not rivals with them in their own neighborhood, you can buy the building, or wait for more to become empty!

Definitely - that means you’re in a rivalry in Midtown with Huang. So, any building Huang owns would deny you rent in any of the 5 neighborhoods. That’s not directly related to Lower Manhattan, though. If you only build in Lower Manhattan, there wouldn’t be any rivalries.