Logistics for bigger empires

The bottleneck at the moment is how many deliveries the player can do. Here is my suggested workaround.

  • The stores I bought in my test all have stock rooms, my suggestions will use them.
  • Add Logistics training at the business school.
  • Once completed you can hire two new types of people. a) Advanced cleaners who also restock from the stock room. b) Delivery drivers who restock the stock room. One delivery driver should be able to serve multiple stores.
  • Delivery drivers can be hidden and don’t have to appear on the screen to improve performance.
  • This can even be expanded to a delivery service to customers for an e-commerce business.

Hi @Namennaj, for a future version it’s planned to have a headquarter where you can hire staff to take care of tasks you don’t like.
The exact implementation isn’t set yet however, so your ideas are very valuable input. :slight_smile:


I also really like the idea of having some employees that are specific to the location - one crew that runs the fast food, one that runs the gift shop, but then other “teams” that work for YOU rather than your store (cleaning, restocking). I don’t think a cleaning/delivery person should be specific to the business because that is inefficient.

One tool I would love is if you could send employees to do weekly interviews of citizens from various districts so you always have up-to-date information and stats from everywhere.

Connected with this, it might be nice if each business has a manager that you can set parameters for: “when inventory gets to this point order more”.
Also, the manager could send an “email” update that can give a quick report or announce emergencies, so you don’t have to check each store individually/manually if you don’t want to.

Maybe have different hours for cleaning crews (not store hours). The efficiency of the cleaner and proximity of the stores should dictate how many stores he/she can service.

If you go this route, and the person responsible for restocking is off-site, then you should have a top-up feature. E.g. If your cheap gifts are 150, the restocker should take 50 from the store and add it to the shelf so that you have 200 again.

You can also maybe assign a person to restock a specific product, meaning he has that stock in his van. And all he does is drive around and restock his product (e.g. ‘cheap gifts’) from his van.

Either way, I really like the headquarter idea. I mentioned in another post, that this can be used to start a franchise as an endgame feature. Meaning, you manage the headquarter staff in this city. However, they manage your stores that are both in this city and outside. This can be a gated feature that you work towards to become a billionaire or something.

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