Loading Flowers into Rounded Shelf

I’m marking this as a bug, but it might be “working as intended”.

If you have 3 boxes of expensive flowers on your handtruck, and you bump into the rounded shelf, it only takes 1 box, even though it can hold all 3 and then some. When you bump into a storage shelf, it takes everything, and I personally, I think it should be the same on the shelf.

This wasn’t an issue with gifts since one box was enough to fill the shelf.

It sounds like you have the latest version. As gold is that something i have access to or is it only a select few?

You are correct, and it is available to all gold members - to access it, the information is on the discord server, accessible to those with the “gold member” tag!

Ahh ok i haven’t connected to discord yt. Ty

Fixed in build 1014!

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