Loading and unloading areas and bays

If you could add specific spots on rads where trucks and other verihicled can load and unload cargo for businesses and give penalties if they arent used it would make the experience more immersive and ass a sort of law and order vide to the streets.

Noticed this when Joney was showiing off loading and unloading things from the truck which was haphazardly parked on the side of the road.

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Agreed. It is strange because I will park a big truck in front of a store and it will say it is legal but as I’m placing items from off that truck around the store, I will get a ticket for that same truck because it somehow became illegal, even though I didn’t move it at all. Had me zooming all the way in to see if I was missing some sort of street sign saying when the hours changed.

It said “legal” on your vehicle UI before getting out and then you got a ticket? If it tells you it’s legal and the price of parking, you should be good. If it says legal and you get a ticket, please hit F2 and submit a bug report.