Live streaming center

· Recruit various anchors such as game anchors and beauty anchors XD
· Need to divide small rooms in the office and arrange furniture according to the anchor type
· The anchor occasionally receives HUGE rewards from the RICH MAN(maybe simp XD)and players can obtain a portion of it
· When the anchor falls ill, the HR department cannot replace him

   Here are some of my fantasies that may be difficult to achieve, but we can maintain a spirit of exploration.If implemented, it would be very interesting~

· Each anchor has various abilities like Chatting ability, adaptability, psychological endurance,Developing these abilities can be difficult, but the numerical value of these abilities can greatly improve profitability
· When the various abilities of the anchor reach a certain value, they will become“Star Anchor”
· The “Star Anchor” can help promote players’ other stores, this will have a positive impact on the revenue of the promoted store
· The “Star Anchor” will send text messages to players during break time, for example, increasing salaries or adding live streaming equipment. If the player does not complete the requirements in a short period of time, it will reduce the satisfaction of the anchor

  I really like this game and I hope it has more and more content~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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