Little Tutorial Beyond the Tutorial

Hey yall,
I’ve been playing for a bit and learned a few things along the way. With new gold member players coming in everyday and beta looking to be just around the corner, I think its time to provide a little tutorial beyond the tutorial. I made this guide to teach players how to figure out warehouses and offices and try to get the most out of them. Obviously this guide is as of build 488 and will be updated and corrected as more builds come.

Automated Logistics
Congratulations on making it to the end of the tutorial in the Alpha 10 build. This guide aims to help new players learn the mechanics of automating not only their businesses but also their logistical operations. At this point in your save you should have a home, two businesses (minimum), and a car. The game tutorial will then end with the cute next objective being to “wait for the next alpha :~)” and you as the player will be left on your own. Natural progression from here can really take you two places. Either A you will begin another business based on the Interview Lite data or B; you can open an office and warehouse. I personally recommend getting a third source of income before progressing to the next “tier” of gameplay however it is of course optional.

Whether you decide to get some more cash in your pocket or jump right into it, you’re ready to learn how an office and warehouse work to help automate your corporation. Currently you probably have started getting goods delivered to your stores. Using the fast food restaurant as an example, you probably have a full weekly delivery coming in with boxes on boxes of pizza, hotdogs, and fries. This method is fine and works well. However, in my experience you will still spend a little bit of time adjusting your weekly deliveries as the amount of product you sell per week fluctuates. Again, this method is usable, but requires a bit of a song and dance to avoid over or under shocking your storage shelves. Thus the office and warehouse.

An Office can be used to open either a Headquarters or Lawfirm. Lawfirm is just another type of business so for now, ignore it. What you will be opening is your Corporations HQ. Once you begin the business you will immediately notice the bizman screen is much different. Among the tabs you will have your normal schedule and settings, but also three new tabs; Logistics Manager, Purchasing Agent, and HR. (Currently the latter is not implemented so it will be left out of the guide until then.) Your Logistics manager will take charge of your warehouse and manage the stock in each of your stores. The Purchasing agent will be in charge of the warehouse stock and importing the necessary goods to supply your businesses. For the office to operate you need to have a workstation for each agent in the building. Both must be hired from Anderson Recruitment. The game will tell you the agents must be seated at a desk to use, DO NOT buy the desk from IKA. You need to goto the OFFICE SUPPLY store and buy one of the two available workstations. (I only emphasize that because I’m ashamed of how long it took me to figure it out :/). Similar to a cash register, once you place a workstation a table to schedule your employees will appear in bizman. The office has a fixed schedule of 8-4 Monday-Friday. Then you simply assign your logistics manager and purchasing agent to their respective workstations.

If you haven’t guessed yet, you will also need to purchase a warehouse. At this time there are small and large (1 vehicle,2 vehicle) warehouses. Filling your warehouse with Pallet shelves purchased from the AJ appliance store will allow you to import goods. You must also supply a truck or van bought at US Trucks for each bay of your warehouse and of course hire a driver per truck.

Now you should have completed the setup for the automation. Your next step will be setting up your logistics manager. Once you have a warehouse with an assigned truck and driver, open the Bizman for your HQ and navigate to the logistics manager tab. Then click on the manager and assign them to your warehouse. You now should see a little window to the right of the manager that reads “Set Destination”(Max 4 per agent). Click on this and select one of your businesses. Finally this will open a table for you to manage the stock of that business (more on this later). Now that the logistics manager is ready to go, you can switch attention to imports/exports.

The first thing you need to do is visit one or both of the two import/export stations. Similar to the other stores in the game, they do vary on what they offer. Both lay along the water on 6th Ave. The first station is aligned with First Street. This is your JetCargo import and will supply a warehouse with non food items (gifts, jewelry, bags, soda). The second station is Seaside Internationals and is aligned with Fourth Street. This station supplies a warehouse with food items (pizza, hotdogs, fresh food, etc). Please keep in mind you will need a purchasing agent for each of these stations. Once you have a purchasing agent available you can travel to the stations and talk to the person at the desk. All you have to do is make an agreement and they will automatically get in contact with the purchasing agent. Now if you return to Bizman, enter your HQ business, and goto your purchasing agent, you will see an order window pop up.

Your manager and agent should be good to begin doing their jobs now. The first thing you want to do is stock the warehouse. Goto the purchasing agent and place an order for goods. Put the exact number of goods you want to have into the “# to buy” column. This is the number of products, not the number of boxes. My method has served me well, I take the combined weekly consumption of a product across my businesses and add a few hundred to account for weekly consumption changes. Then assign the imported product to your warehouse. (This will only show warehouses with storage in them (unconfirmed if they must be pallet shelves)). You can place a one time order, have it repeat daily, every three days, or weekly. Once you place the order, no money will leave your account. Similar to the regular delivery trucks, until the shipment arrives, you are not charged. The shipment will always arrive at noon the following day, however if this changes, the expected arrival is shown on the order screen. At this point you are good to wait for the next day to come and for the shipment to arrive. Now we can turn attention to the logistics manager.

The beauty of this employee is they ensure that as long as you have the warehouse stock, your businesses will never run out stock. In the logistics manager tab, you can click on the destination or business that you wish to manage. In the Delivery Plan window you are given a lot of information but again can only adjust one section. Just like the warehouse, the “business target” number is an exact number not the number of boxes. What this column is referring to is how much of each product you want in your business at a time. The logistics manager will send out your delivery trucks to the business as needed to ensure they stay at the stock you set. I tend to keep a stock of 4-6 days per item. Once you set stock amounts for your business, you can officially cancel those expensive delivery contracts and get used to sleeping as you let everything run itself.

I hope this guide helped some people learn the new additions that came with Alpha 10. I am by no means an expert on this game and only want to share what I have learned over multiple hours into a quick read. As well, in the spirit of this community, I STRONGLY urge you to ask questions, offer critiques, and discuss this topic in the replies. Lastly, thanks to the awesome developers who are cranking out amazing material like this, very excited to see whats to come.


Chuck, thank you very much for such a great tutorial! I’m sure it will help a lot of people. This kind of content is greatly appreciated!

One small thing:

You now should see a little window to the right of the manager that reads “Set Destination”(Max 4 per agent)

About this, the number of destinations available per agent depends on the vehicles. Right now (it will probably change over the time):

  • Cars can deliver up to 1 destination
  • Vans can deliver up to 2 destinations
  • Trucks can deliver up to 4 destinations

This means that having 1 van and 1 truck assigned to a warehouse will let the logistics manager deliver up to 6 (2 + 4) destinations. Hope this helps!


Just a thought but is it true that Jonas#1 pays you guys with French fries, Hot dogs, and Pizza? jk.