Link between here and Steam?

can i link subjects from Steam to here? some how there’s got to be a way to answer players on Steam forum. Or I could copy and paste messages if that’s allowed. Seems some players may want to stick to one platform. I don’t mind helping a little. but I don’t monitor any the discussions real closely. any thoughts if we got enough people or anyone that could help forward questions for the devs?

Question was: Possible to Purchase buildings? (not sure if that’s a feature yet in alpha 10.)

Seems this is planned for Beta 3. I will try to look at other questions posted on Steam. don’t guarantee to be that effecient with posting them. I linked a few posts with the games roadmap. that may help some players. Sorry if this too little too late. Just trying to help when I can.


Pretty sure when a discussion is made its automatically put into the ba-general section on discord.


just didnt seem to be any responses on steam discussions. now that im aware of this I will try to help players get answers. no guarantee it will be effecient though for me.

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Hello! And thank you very much for helping us! As Jonas already said through Discord, we should probably have those discussions redirected to the Discord channel soon, so we don’t miss them again.


Thanks for Jonas actually checking in on Steam. I was just concerned for lack of replies on Steam forum for the Alpha testers some of them may have already found the community site. I try to help when I can. Looking forward to more great features on Big ambitions.