Leisure Activities / Luxury Items

I think that there should be leisure activities that the player can do, so that it feels like there is a reason for the money that we are earning other than furthering our financial goals. A casino that players can go to to spend their hard earned cash sounds pretty fun to me


It would also be good to be able to run your own casino. Bumping this

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I immediately imagined a Riverboat Casino, and I love the idea.

And as HandyAndy said

It would be interesting to be able to own and participate in them!

Potential Endgame Activities: Public/Private Places/Activities, Luxuries, & Philanthropy

  • Public/Private Places/Activities:

    • Local Government Buildings to visit: City Hall, Court House, etc.

    • Major Research University Campus (Columbia University or NYU inspired)

    • Event Venues: Sports Arena (Sporting Events, Concerts), Performing Arts Center (Madison Square Garden Inspired Arena)

    • Natural History, Science, & Art Museums

    • Public Library

    • Private Clubs: Marina/Yacht Club, Golf Course/Country Club, Other Private Club

    • Premier Auction House (Art & Collectibles) (Christie’s and Sotheby’s Inspired)

    • Horse Racetrack and stable near the Casino (Grand Theft Auto 5 Diamond Casino Inspired)

    • Community/Charitable Services: City Food Bank, Youth Center, Homeless Shelter, Free Medical Clinic, Church, etc.

  • Luxuries:

    • Purchase and/or Rent Luxury Apartments (Penthouses) or Homes/Mansions

    • Purchase and/or Rent Luxury Cars (~$250K+ Lamborghini or Ferrari Inspired, ~$50K-$100K BMW/Mercedes Inspired)

    • Hire a Personal Driver and/or Limo Service

    • Purchase and/or Rent Private Jets (Small $5 million, Medium $10-$20 Million, Large $50+ million)

    • Purchase and/or Rent Luxury Yachts (Small $1 million, Medium $5 Million, Large $10+ million)

    • Purchase Art & Collectibles (Paintings, Antique Furniture, Classic Cars, Collectible Coins, Watches, Weapons, Books, Hunting Trophies, Rare wine Vintages, etc.) at a Premier Auction House (Sotheby’s or Christie’s Inspired)

    • Purchase Memberships to Exclusive Clubs (Country Club, Yacht Club, etc.)

    • Purchase a Major Sports Team/Franchise (~$50-$250+ million)

    • Purchase Horses

  • Philanthropy:

    • Setup a Charitable Foundation that Invests money and distributes it as charitable grants.

    • Donate to and/or Setup Operating Charities.

    • Potential Operating Charities: City Food Bank, Youth Center, Homeless Shelter, Free Medical Clinic, Church, etc.

    • Donate to Local Museum, Library, University, etc. (Get to Put Name on Building)


places like golf courses, country clubs. private spas. among other things.

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I can easily see this already being in the works. Uncle Fred already mentions Golf several times to where I feel like it has to make an appearance. I think right now the closest we get to any of this is the gambling boat and I don’t really see others on there (I didn’t pay much attention as I just wanted to get back to the city and back to work). I would love to see some of this, and more in it though. Even though the driving aspect of the game is pretty wacky (In a fun way!), I can’t help thinking about a possible Drag Strip in the game. I think the handling of the cars right now would make that pretty fun with not much effort. Waiting to see how multiplayer pans out as I can almost assure illegal street races will be a thing.

The roadmap seems like a lot of your request should be coming along somewhat though.

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Because this games is a tycoon like and a role play game, need some expensive and luxury acquisitions to spend for status or goals in life like a bit mansion/house, big Yatch, Helicopter or a private Jet. Thoses prices needs be around 50M - 80M or more to be worth it.

Cuz is a Challenge to want the more rare or expensive “items” that just a few can afford.

Some extra ideas:
Luxury Helicopter can work just like a Taxi for some points.
A big Yatch, can be just to walk around, like the casino on beta 5, but more custom-like name it.
Private Jet, can be used for restore happiness on a weekend vacations on a transition.

This is more like trophies for a game after all.


I know we have a gym coming soon and we are going to have to look after our character by maintaining a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle, Not suggesting full sims mode getting a girlfriend etc, It would be quite cool if you could add leisure activities for example go to a sports game, chill at a bar or something just so it adds a little to the lifestyle.



Hey Hovgaard Games,
I ABSOULTLY LOVE THIS GAME!!! I feel like this game has SO much potential. That being said, I saw in the road map that you want to add Paris and London too, it would be cool if you could add an airport or at least buy a Gulfstream or even a Boeing Business Jet (for the Multi-millionaires) to travel around from city to city. Also, I think it would be so cool to be able to have a HQ in New York and then have businesses in London, Paris and NYC with that business name. I know that’s a lot to program and add but I think it’s a pretty realistic part of a multi dollar business. Can’t wait for the Updates!!

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You definitely need a private jet as THE ultimate big ambition of every person who dreams of being rich, famous, and successful.


and better to make some stuff in there expensive to dump that trilions somewhere lol

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you should plant more things to do when you leave your automated business, that you are awake for a few hours to play and watch TV to keep your happiness at 50% and then the rest of the hours you are asleep, repeating the same process until you decide to open another business, it’s really tiring.

Please add more sims type statistics like decorating, cleaning, health (need for exercise), fun and social. What is this for? to have an excuse to add new activities to do.

  • Go to the cinema
  • Play a sport
  • make friends either with randoms citizens or with other businessmen of the city
  • Get a pet to interact with
  • Clean the house
  • Give more depth to decorating.
  • Any other activity but can do something and not Big Sleep 24/7

Hopefully that will be solved, I love the game is my favorite for sure this year, but you can not cover the sun with a finger.

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