Lawyer Training

There is something wrong with the training of attorneys.


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I noticed this happens when you buy a company, then hire employees for that company, they say unassigned, even though you hired them under a company, if you assign them to a different company the re-unassign them you will be able to train them.

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Hi @ThinkCritical !

First of all thank you for your solution, I will try it as soon as possible.

I’m not aware if this is a known problem or not, but this is what turned my nose up at it. The staff had been hired in my HQ, right after that I took them off assignment to do the training and that happened.
Also because I haven’t taken the office yet (I’ll link to your point about “buying a company”)!

Maybe I must have glitched something additionally!

Thanks for your feedback, that was so kind!
If you have anything else to recommend please do! I would love to hear your thoughts!

ThinkCritical, your solution worked, thank you!!!

Fixed in Beta 2!