Lane Keeping Function

Driving a car is fun, but doing subtle manoeuvres on the narrow streets of New York can be a challenge.
So I think it would be really useful to have a lane-keeping function.
I think it would benefit both users who like driving and users who are not happy with driving if the WASD for accelerator, brake and direction could be left as they are, and if a key could be pressed to keep the car in its lane.


Personally, I’m usually not in one-lane long enough to make use of this function, but it’s an interesting idea.

Maybe it could be part of the fancy cars with autopark and such, but I doubt they will do this for most cars, considering they intentionally implemented lane-drifting if your car is damaged on the side. That’s part of the “life simulation” aspect I think they are going for more than just purely business management.

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I think the driving is pretty good in this game. I wouldn’t really need that feature since I never follow rules lol but it certainly would be a cool feature though!

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