ItemViewer/ItemStats - CashRegister and CheckoutCounter and RoundedShelf and Shelf

It’s so annoying when you buy a CheckoutCounter and then need a CashRegister,even though they both serve the same purpose. As well as you can’t put things in the normal shelf that fit in the rounded shelf. Why can’t you just have a menu where you can see for which item you need which shelf and where you can buy this shelf and the item?


It is always quite difficult to find out where to find which piece of furniture for which item. For example, I had to
go back to Discord a lot lately. That’s the end of the ItemViewer now. There is an app called MyStorage, where you can see
every single item, shelf, cash register or anything else that can store items. That is, there is a search at the top right to find
the objects/items. In the search then several Items/Objects are indicated with the name and then there is under it a button, in order
to indicate more of it. Then there are the buildings where this item/object is present, the name, the price for the different
buildings and a shopping cart button that adds it to the shopping cart. Then at the top of this bar you can also see the shopping cart, if
you click on it a menu opens where you can choose the delivery address (HQ, your own apartment) and a button that says “Buy”.

Closing this as it is now included in the help system.

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