Issue with current game (Using Beta 610)

Last thing I did: In my new liquor store, I had a storage rack that I discarded cause there was no room left. After clicking discard, player still showed with a box in his hand, couldn’t get rid of it. Saved, reloaded the game, box was gone. Next, hiring agency offered people for hire, i select HIRE, and no response. After that, game is totally broken.

See attached savegame and player.logs. Hope it helps!
Player.log (21.6 KB)
Player-prev.log (616.9 KB)
Robert.json (2.3 MB)

Additional info: When loading my savegame, click contacts, click Anderson Recruitment Corp, Click Hire candidate on the bottom list. No response. Close window. All icons on the right are gone.

Hello! The bug will be fixed in version 611

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