Is there ever going to be a character customization update?

I’m playing this game for the first time since the latest update. I’ve been busy traveling and enjoying life. I’m home now and want to immerse myself into the game. I chose a new game since everything is new. The character customization hasn’t changed. I’m making a male and I see one Hispanic face and one Asian face. That’s it? No Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Black or Native faces? Why?

I choose the “light” skin color out of only 3 and the skin is brown on the Hispanic or yellow on the Asian. Why can’t I make a white man? The skin color shouldn’t change with the face at all. Is this a woke thing? I’m tired of woke. Let me make a character I actually want. Need a lot more clothing options also. I don’t think it would be hard to add a color wheel to clothing, eyes, skin and hair instead of forced preset colors.

For a game based in New York, there really is no diversity.


That’s your own interpretation.

ahahahahahahahaha, no.

Not sure how you say it’s an interpretation. The face skin colors literally do not match the body. Jpeg attached. The asian face is yellow, the body is not. How is that interpretation? It’s plain as day. It’s the same with the hispanic face.

Because…it is!

Except that they do. If you change the skin tone, the body and face change to your selected skin tone.

But as I said above this will be expanded on a lot!

I’m glad it will expand a lot but the “white” skin color does not match the face. You can see it. Like I said, I’m trying to make a Caucasian man.

Nice! Have fun!

:roll_eyes: I guess being dismissive is easier

Well hard to have fun when it crashes constantly. Oh well.

If you want to be, that’s your choice!

Personally, I answered your question in the first message, and then repeated it in the second! Then I wished you well.

What crashing are you experiencing?

The game crashes randomly as I play it. It did before the update and it’s still just crashing at random. I haven’t noticed any pattern that causes it. I thought it was when it was auto saving a few months back but am unsure now.

I see. If you submit an F2 bug report, I can take a look and see if it’s related to an issue in your saved game or stats or something!