Investements improvement ideas

Hey guys!
Here some possible improvement for investments:

  • a school course before we can use it, to improve school a lil bit more (because after day 3 it becomes useless), and push players more into the investments possibilities

  • a way to track « live », like the price of the shares the current day or the day before, like a screen in the banks or smthing like that (can just be a -/+% of the day before), to make people study the way and figure out what to do

  • would love the possibility to invests in companies on the map like green salad or central perk or stuff like that, not the basic shops like car/équipement/banks, this would give a good dimension of the investments and players would actually look around and search those companies

  • if want to go further into that, can even have an impact of the real game into investements, like when we are buying shops from other companies, their shares go down, when opening similar shops around, same, that would definetly take the investments and the game to the next level, having a “real” monetary system, the impact on the gameplay mid/endgame would be a nice plus