Inventory or Restocker employee

Hire an inventory or restocker to assign to any location. They automatically restock based upon their skill level. At higher level skill level they are able to go and pickup orders or reorder products.


Hello! All of these should basically be in the game already!

Employees already restock shelves when they are empty (although that will be getting more dynamic in the future)

You can order repeating deliveries from wholesale, so you don’t need to pick anything up.

And you can hire a Purchasing Agent and Logistics Manager for your headquarters to reorder products!

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NM thanks. I did figure out it doesnt restock inventory until it’s at zero.

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I agree, this even though products restock when they run out. It’s a hassle if you are limited on shelf space for storage. Therefore, you can’t get more orders because products are not being distributed approprately. I wish employees would re-stock at the end of their shifts. Therefore, helping to keep inventory on selves manageable.

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