Interior Manager (or smth like that)

A new office employee type, which gives you access to a new interface, one where you can build your store (place furnitures and walls/floor) in a sandbox mode (so you have access to every furnitures, and you don’t have to move to place them, like it’s an IKEA preview app). When you’re finished it tells you how much it costs, you pay and your Interior Manager sets it all up in a day or two (or more if you think this needs balancing). It would make sense that you would need two Interior Manager to setup two stores at the same time, so 3 for 3 etc. I think this would be a good addition because for me rn setting up a store is just tedious, so when I start the game I think about everything I need to do to go on with the game and I just end up closing it. I talked about this idea in the discord and it felt like people REALLY want this, I hope people are gonna show their interest in this on the forum too!
Thank you for what you’re doing with the game, you are doing an amazing job and I know I’m gonna end up playing it a lot even if I’m lazy

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