Interior Manager / Decorator

A new office employee type, which gives you access to a new interface, one where you can build your store (place furnitures and walls/floor) in a sandbox mode (so you have access to every furnitures, and you don’t have to move to place them, like it’s an IKEA preview app). When you’re finished it tells you how much it costs, you pay and your Interior Manager sets it all up in a day or two (or more if you think this needs balancing). It would make sense that you would need two Interior Manager to setup two stores at the same time, so 3 for 3 etc. I think this would be a good addition because for me rn setting up a store is just tedious, so when I start the game I think about everything I need to do to go on with the game and I just end up closing it. I talked about this idea in the discord and it felt like people REALLY want this, I hope people are gonna show their interest in this on the forum too!
Thank you for what you’re doing with the game, you are doing an amazing job and I know I’m gonna end up playing it a lot even if I’m lazy


At the beginning of the game you have to buy your own goods in wholesale and deliver them to your shops. Once you have your buyer, logistics manager, warehouse and driver, you can automate that.
So you don’t really have to worry about it anymore.


You are mainly busy furnishing your shops with furniture. Understandable at first, but to bring it into line with reality, an interior decorator would be ideal. Either you take on the work and equip your shop yourself, with driving there, shopping, driving back, placing it, or you hire an interior decorator to do it for you. With additional costs, of course.

This can now be integrated in two different (maybe more) ways.

I’ll take a fast food restaurant as an example.

1. There are four choices.

Simple equipment (burger grill, cash register, vending machine, goods shelf, garbage can)

Normal equipment (hot dog grill, salad bar, table with chairs, burger grill, cash register(s), vending machine, goods shelf, trash can)

High equipment (industrial fryer, hot dog grill, salad bar, several tables with chairs,
music, plants, burger grill, cash register(s), vending machine, goods shelf(s), trash can)

Rich equipment (equipment like Hot dog grill twice, otherwise like “high equipment”)

The whole adapted to the rental property and the type of business.
Of course, a 75m² rental property cannot be equipped like a 200m² rental property.
If you want to switch to the next higher equipment, the missing objects are simply added and a price difference is calculated.

2. Drag and drop principle.

A possibly simpler method for programming.

You call the interior decorator and choose the shop that needs to be furnished.
Then you will be shown the store (Empty or not empty) and a list of objects you can place for the business type (like 3D room planning software).
With each placed object, the price increases (you have to be able to afford laziness^^) or there is a flat rate.
After one or more days, the interior decorator is done with his job.

The same principle can also be used for wall and floor design.
And the same principle can also be used for your home.

I hope you like this idea as much as I do and give this idea your vote.

When the Interior blueprints feature is updated in version 0.3, will it be possible to recruit interior decorators to build blueprints? Interior decorators will automatically use the items on the store entrance tray, and interior decorators should be an employee type like truck drivers who do not need to arrange a schedule. In this way, the capacity of the store entrance tray 18 becomes insufficient, and it is currently impossible to receive multiple orders at the same time. It is recommended that the store entrance can place shelves specifically for receiving renovate items. It can be purchased from an electrical appliance store, has a capacity far greater than 18, and can receive multiple orders at the same time.