Interior Designer Mock-Up

After talking about some of the things I’d like included in a new update, I decided to create a mock-up expanding on some of these ideas for the Interior Designer in particular. Since I’ve been unable to upload images for some reason, I am including a link to Imgur to make it easier for everyone. Please see here:

Mock-up Link

The basic idea I;d like to see implemented is to add a bigger range of colors to the existing palette since it is way too limited at this time in my opinion. I know you can input your own color preferences using hex code, but you cannot save your own palettes as far as I know. More importantly, it is a huge palaver to select and handpick every single color for every single stick of furniture piece by piece. I’m sure a lot of you know how much time that can take even for some of the smaller businesses.

Another issue I’m hoping a new redesign could address is the issue of receiving the wrong colors from the furniture or supply stores. If the developers could add the color variants that they use for their own pieces (see IKA BOHAG example,) then we could just select that existing preset even if the Interior Designer charges a fee for the service. I came up with some examples in a Scandinavian themed color palette, but players could vote for names and colors to make it easier on the developers as well. Honestly, I just pulled some ideas from Pinterest myself as I’m sure a lot of people do when they work on a decorating project.

The very last idea I’d like to see incorporated are textures either integrated into the furniture color variants themselves or as a separate option as in the mock-up provided. Personally, I’d like to see it integrated as I think that makes more sense given that furniture items such as desks and bookshelves tend to be made out of wood, metal and etc. However, I thought that it might be a bit confusing to show off in a mock-up visually. Also, it did occur to me that it could be a bit limiting for players themselves if they preferred to use colors rather than textures. In the end, I decided to go with a Sims 3 Create-A-Style type idea in which the player would decide for themselves whether or not to apply a texture in addition to the color presets.

Please note that these textures were not created by me but sourced from the internet solely for the purpose of this mock-up. I didn’t think it was necessary to create my own since I just need some low quality files so people could get the idea, and it definitely cut down on the time to put this together.

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Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I agree 100% with the idea and your implementation.